My name is Saoirse. I'm 20 and use it/its pronouns. White. Intersex. I am currently into Vermintide 2, D&D, and my OCs. I have recently discovered that I am a system so please be patient with me. I enjoy D&D, drawing, and makeup. Please feel free to send me asks or messages about makeup/skincare tips or perfume recommendations. I love helping people learn and discover things that make them happy. I would also love to hear about your favorite horror movies. I am always looking to watch new things. Please don't hesitate to DM me or ask for my Steam/Discord, I love making new friends :-).


D&D. Perfumes. Vermintide 2. Smiling Friends. Venture Bros. Apex Legends. Valorant. SAW. The Chucky franchise. TCM. Scream. Halloween. Alien. My cat. Dead by Daylight. Coral Island. Character design. Forensic science. Makeup. TF2. League of Legends (sorry). Resident Evil. Alan Wake. Project Zomboid. Jerma Long Edits. Calico Critters. Flight Rising. Candle/wax melt collecting. ASMR. FFXIV.